PCGS Banknote

Packaging and Mailing Your Banknotes to PCGS

To ensure your paper currency arrives to our offices safely, please submit them in PVC-free banknote sleeves or holders. Please DO NOT send raw notes outside of a protective sleeve or in stapled packaging or cardboard folders, as this could cause delays in processing your submission. Also, please avoid using excessive tape or other packing materials.

Affix a white sticker on each currency sleeve and write the submission and line number corresponding to the note. To help expedite processing and handling of your submission, please keep your banknotes together in the same order as they are written on your submission form. Place a panel of cardboard on either side of the notes you are submitting and wrap an elastic around this to help keep your order safely bundled.

To further ensure the safety of your order, package your order in bubble wrap or styrofoam cushion to help keep your notes from being damaged from sharp edges and other packages while in transit to PCGS.

Don’t forget to include your submission form and any checks or vouchers! Please enclose these items inside the main package itself – don’t tape them to the outside of the bubble wrap or other outer wrapping that contains your submission. Also, make sure your package is securely sealed to reduce the risk of tampering, ensuring there are no holes or cracks in the package through which your currency, payment, vouchers, or other contents may escape during shipment.

Use Registered Mail through the USPS to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your submission, and we suggest buying insurance for your package for an amount you feel covers the cost of replacement for your currency.

Please mail your packages to:

PO Box 9458
Newport Beach, CA 92658

*NOTE: DO NOT write “Banknote,” “Currency,” “Numismatics,” or any other words or terms that relate to the contents of the package or the collectibles services we provide. This is for your protection and the safety of your contents.

If you wish to use an alternative service to the USPS, you may use Federal Express, but be sure to use only the express service (Overnight, 2-Day) and ship to the following address: PCGS, 1610 E. St. Andrew Place Ste. 150, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Keep in mind, this address will NOT accept FedEx Ground packages. No UPS shipments are accepted.

NOTE: Please indicate on the outside of the package the fastest service level you are using to send your submission, denoting this below the address in all capital letters. (I.E. EXPRESS; CLUB; REGULAR; etc.)