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1856 Braided Hair Cent. N-6. Rarity-1. Upright 5. MS-65 RD (PCGS).

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Stack's Bowers Auction August 2020 U.S. Coins Auction Aug-2020 Handsome Mint State 1856 N-6 Cent Upright 5 1856 Braided Hair Cent. N-6. Rarity-1. Upright 5. MS-65 RD (PCGS). Type:Braided Hair. Design: Obv: A head of Liberty faces left with 13 stars around the border and the date 1856 below. She is wearing a coronet inscribed LIBERTY, her hair tied into a bun at the back of her head by a beaded cord. Rev: A circular wreath encloses the denomination ONE CENT with the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA around the border. Weight Standard: 10.89 grams. Diameter: 27.5 mm. Die Variety: Newcomb-6. Obv: Upright 5 in the date. Readily identifiable by two tiny die chips on Liberty's cheek below the eye and a dull lump from the end of the bust. Die lines on the coronet after the letter Y in LIBERTY can also be discerned. The 1856 N-6 represents the only use of this obverse die. Rev: Faint die lines are evident above the letters S OF A, as well as after the final A in AMERICA. The 1856 N-6 also represents the only use of this reverse die. A number of die marriages correspond to the Upright 5 Guide Bookvariety of the 1856 Braided Hair cent: N-6, N-7, N-8, N-9, N-10, N-11, N-12 and N-20. Die State: Grellman a, Noyes A/A. Obv: Perfect. Rev: Perfect, with the aforementioned die lines above the letters S OF A and after the final A in AMERICA discernible with the aid of a loupe. Edge: Plain. Mintage for the Issue: 2,690,463 coins. Estimated Surviving Population for the Die Variety: Rarity-1: More than 1,500 coins in all grades. Strike: Sharply defined overall within fully and uniformly denticulated borders, softness is confined to the obverse stars, many of which are blunt and lack radial lines. Surfaces: Warm autumn-orange surfaces have some faint mellowing to iridescent lilac-brown. Wispy flyspecks are inconsequential, and there are no detracting marks. Faint remnants of a fingerprint on Liberty's cheek and neck are noted for accuracy. Commentary: With many Mint State coins known in Grellman Die State a, as here, there appears to have been a hoard of 1856 Newcomb-6 cents at one time. If so, the coins have long since been widely dispersed and only appear individually and mostly at widely spaced intervals. With strong technical quality and abundant eye appeal, the ESM specimen would make a lovely addition to a high quality cabinet. Provenance: From the ESM Collection. Earlier from Heritage's Long Beach Signature Auction of September 2006, lot 204. PCGS Population (all die marriages of the Upright 5 variety): 7; 0 finer in this category. PCGS# 1921. NGC ID: 226N. Click here for certification details from PCGS.

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Sep-2006 $6,325.00 Heritage Auctions LB Signature Sale #416 204