Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the United States - A Complete Encyclopedia

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Record Group 104, Bureau of the Mint(Philadelphia Mint unless noted otherwise. These documents were examined by R.W.Julian.)

Bullion Journals, 1794-1837.
Bullion Ledgers, 1794-1872.
Cashier's Blotters, 1866-1902.
Coiner's Account Books for Gold and Silver Coinage and Bars, 1883-1900.
Correspondence with Branch Mints and Assay Offices, 1835-1898.
General Correspondence, 1793-1899. James Rush Letters, 1816-1845.
Letter Books: 1795-1804, 1824-1831, and 1824-1835. Letters Received by the Bureau of the Mint, 1873-1899. Letters Received by the Secretary of the Treasury from the
Philadelphia Mint (Special Reports), 1858-1873.
Letters Received by the Superintendent from the Coiner, 1877-1900.
Letters Received by the Treasurer of the Mint, 1850-1853. Letters Received from the Mint and Branches by the Secretary of the Treasury, 1834-1873.
Letters Sent by the Director of the Mint, 1873-1899.
Letters Sent by the Secretary of the Treasury/Mint Affairs, 1836-1878.
Letters Sent Regarding Coins and Medals, 1862-1899. Letters sent by the Director and Superintendent of the Mint, 1866-1899.
Miscellaneous Letters Sent, 1874-1899.
Peale Correspondence, 1829-1835.
Press Copies of Letters to Branch Mints and Assay Offices, 1868-1873.
Records Relating to the Movement of Standard Silver Dollars, 1878-1882.
Register of Correspondence, 1792-1835.
Register of Employees, 1849-1884.
Registers of Correspondence, 1844-1899.
Silver Deposited for Coinage, 1794-1836.
Waste Books, 1794-1833.

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Companion volume to the preceding.

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