Glossary - A Guide to Population Report Terms and Symbols

BTW. Booker T. Washington.
CLARK GR. Clark Gruber & Co.
MINTMARKS. Initial(s) indicating location of branch mint. Various mintmarks follow:
C. Charlotte, North Carolina. Gold coins struck between 1838 - 1861.
CC. Carson City, Nevada.1870 - 1893.
D. Dahlonega, Georgia, Gold coins struck between 1838 - 1861.
D. Denver, Colorado. 1906 - present.
D/D. Repunched mintmark. Dahlonega over Dahlonega.
D/S. Mintmark error. Denver over San Francisco.
O. SNew Orleans, Louisiana. 1838 - 1909.
O/CC. Mintmark error. New Orleans over Carson City.
O/S. Mintmark error. New Orleans over San Francisco.
P. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. War nickels, 1942 - 1945; dollars, 1979 - present; all other denominations,1980 - present.
S. San Francisco, California. 1854 - present.
S/D. Mintmark error. San Francisco over Denver.
W. West Point. 1984 - present.
NORRIS GN. Norris, Gregg & Norris.
SBA. Susan B. Anthony.
50¢/UNI. Die error. "50¢" over "Uni."
G. Gold.
H10¢. Half dime.
P. Pattern.
MS/PR-65 Minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, above average strike
S$1. Silver dollar.
T$1. Trade dollar.
3CN. Three cent nickel.
3CS. Three cent silver.
BOOBY. Variety of Liberty head on 1839 large cent.
CAL. Abbreviation for "California" punched on the reverse of some 1848 $21/ 2.
CL. Closed.
CLAD. 1965 to date. A coin comprised of layered metals. Silver clad or copper - nickel clad.
MS/PR-70 As struck, with full strike
CLASSIC. Variety of Liberty head. Description of head.
COP. Copper.
CURL BASE 2. Curled tail on "2."
DBLD. Doubled.
DBLE. Double.
DB Mont. Doubled Monticello. Doubled die reverse on 1939 nickel.
DOUBLED DIE. Die error. Coin made from improperly prepared die. Results in varying degrees of doubled image.
DOUBLED LIB. Doubled Liberty. 1873 cent.
DT. Die trial.
GILT. Gold plated.
GR. Gram.
GRIP EDGE. Gripped edge. Incuse segments on edge of 1797 half cent and large cent.
HIGH RELIEF. A coin struck repeatedly from dies which are specially made to allow for extreme depth and relief of the devices relative to the fields.
HUGE O. Very large mintmark.
III EDGE. 1809 experimental edge incorporating vertical lines added between words.
INV DATE. Date over inverted date.
J. Judd numbers. Numerical system for pattern coinage cataloged by J. Hewitt Judd, M.D.
KN6. Knob-tipped numeral six.
L ON RIB. Initial "L" on hair ribbon on Indian cent.
LE. Lettered edge.
LEGEND. "United States of America," inscribed on coin.
LET EDGE. Lettering around the edge of the coin.
LG. Large.
LGDT. Large date.
LGDTLGFRAC. Large date, large fraction on 1803 cent.
LT. MOTTO. Light motto on 1934 quarter.
MATTE PROOF. Proof surface with somewhat granular finish.
MICRO D, O, S, etc. Very small mintmark.
MOTTO. Inscription reading, "In God We Trust."
NICK. Nickel.
OBVERSE. Front, or "heads", side of coin.
OP. Open.
ORG. Original. Coin which was [usually] struck during year which appears on it.
OVERDATE. A die error exhibiting two different dates.
OVERSTRIKE. Error in which a set of dies strike a previously struck coin.
P.E. Plain edge.
PL EDG. Plain edge.
RE. Reeded edge.
REEDED EDGE. Raised parallel lines on the outside edge of the coin.
RES. Restrike.
RESTRIKE. Coin struck after date which appears on coin.
REV. Reverse.
REVERSE. Back side of coin.
ROLLED EDGE. Referring to 1907 $10 Indian.
ROMAN. A type of finish on a 1908 $20 proof.
SM. Small.
SMDT. Small date.
SMS. Special mint set.
STEMS. Stems on wreath.
STRONG. Coin exhibiting strong detail in a particular area.
TRANS. Transitional pattern without legend. Not made for circulation.
VDB. Initials of Victor D. Brenner, designer of the Lincoln cent.
VINE/BARS. Edge on 1793 large cent.
WEAK. Coin exhibiting weak detail in a particular area.
WIRE EDGE. Sharp, knife-like rim.
WITH POLE. With Pole to cap. on 1796 half cent.
2 X 2. Symbolic of the 22nd state on Alabama commemorative coin.
2 X 4. Symbolic of the 24th state on Missouri commemorative.
6/HORIZONTAL 6. Repunched date where a digit is punched in sideways the first time, then punched on the die correctly the second time.
7 X 6. Stars on obverse. Seven on left, six on right.
9 X 7 SM LET. Stars on obverse. Nine on left, seven on right. Small letters of legend on reverse.
9 X 4. Stars on obverse. Nine on left, four on right.
13SREV. Thirteen stars on the reverse of 1804 $21/ 2.
14SREV. Fourteen stars on the reverse of 1804 $21/ 2.
XXX EDGE. 1809 experimental edge incorporating "X" motif between words.
BN. Brown. Referring to copper coins.
BRILLIANT Mint State. Untoned, uncirculated coin.
DMPL. Deep Mirror Proof Like Morgan dollars.
MS. Mint State. Uncirculated. Coins showing no trace of wear. Coins graded Mint State 60 - 70.
MSBN. Mint State Brown copper coinage.
MSFB. Mint State Full Band Mercury dimes.
MSFH. Mint State Full Head Standing Liberty quarters.
MSRB. Mint State Red Brown copper coinage.
MSRD. Mint State Red copper coinage.
PL. Proof like.
PR. Proof.
PRBN. Proof Brown copper coinage.
PRRB. Proof Red Brown copper coinage.
PRRD. Proof Red copper coinage.