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PCGS Gold Shield™

The Most Reliable Protection Your Coins Can Get

PCGS Anti-Counterfeit Gold Shield
The PCGS Anti-Counterfeit Gold Shield

Get The Protection of Gold Shield

With PCGS Gold Shield, each coin is imaged in high resolution, registered, and checked against PCGS’ vast proprietary imaging database. Our Gold Shield system benefits from artificial intelligence and machine learning, helping our graders quickly identify and remove counterfeits from the market. PCGS Gold Shield may then identify lost or stolen pieces resubmitted to us, ensuring your coin’s maximum value.

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Gold Shield Gold Shield Means Added Security

Adding Gold Shield to your PCGS submission provides you with:
  • Enhanced Security Label with PCGS Gold Shield icon & hologram
  • More likely recovery if your coin is lost or stolen
  • Digital imagery for visual confirmation in PCGS Cert Verification
  • PCGS Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity

How to Get Gold Shield

  1. Join the PCGS Collectors Club
  2. Visit Online Submission Center or Download PDF Submission form
  3. Select "PCGS Gold Shield" as your Service Group
  4. Included with Express Service level submissions and above

Gold Shield Pricing

PCGS Gold Shield: Making Coin Collecting Safer

PCGS Gold Shield provides protection for your coins, and gives our expert graders high-tech tools to help win the battle against coin counterfeiting. In short, nothing protects your coins - and ultimately your collection - like PCGS Gold Shield.

Get Gold Shield
Coin Collection

Coins required for Gold Shield Service: 1. All World (Non-U.S.) coins submitted under any service level other than Modern. 2. Any coin submitted under the Gold Shield-included service levels (Express and higher service levels). 3. Reholders valued above $3,000. Gold Shield service is included with Collectors Club Gold and Platinum complimentary submissions as long as Gold Shield is requested on the submission form at the time of submission.