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Declared Values


The PCGS Submission form can be somewhat intimidating to a first-time submitter, with many sections to complete. These details are vital to ensuring the correct processing and handling of your coin(s). As a Customer Service Representative, I am here to address your questions and concerns regarding your current and future submissions. For new submitters, I am here to guide you through successfully completing your submission form. One part that is most commonly addressed is the declared value for each coin in Section 9. This piece of information is required for each coin and is a vital part of the form.

"I don’t know the value of the coin. That is why I am sending it in to be graded!" is a frequent response and completely understandable. Many collectors are getting their coins authenticated and graded because they do not entirely know what they have and would like PCGS to grade the coin for a more definitive value. Please note, the value you provide per coin is for insurance purposes only in the case anything were to happen to your coin while it is out of your possession, prior to grading. I recommend that customers use the following guidelines in determining a declared value for their coins.

  1. What did you pay for the coin? Use that value.
  2. What condition do you believe the coin will grade at? Use that value.
  3. What will you insure the package for? (We recommend always insuring your package.) Use that value.

The declared value you provide will help determine the Service Level you select for your order.

The importance of the declared value can seem a bit overwhelming to new submitters for fear that if they put an incorrect value, it will affect the grade of their coin. I am here to assure you that the value you provide for your coin will have no influence on the final grade of the coin. Our team of experts examine each order blindly; and by that, I mean your submission form is not attached to the order once it enters the grading stages. Our experts cannot see whom the order belongs to nor what value has been provided. That goes for every order and is designed to prevent any biases from one order to the next.

Once a coin is graded and encapsulated, it has more of a definite value to it. You may utilize the PCGS Price Guide for up to date values on most U.S. PCGS slabbed coins.

Let’s say you gave a low declared value for your coin and it grades higher, giving it a higher value outside of the service level maximum limit. That is okay and great news for you! In this case, we will then charge the service level a tier higher for that coin.

In regards to shipping, your order is insured based off the initial value provided. Once your order is complete, and prior to shipping, we urge you to contact a PCGS Customer Service Representative to increase the insurance on your return package if needed.

Still have questions? Or would like to speak to a Representative personally? Please give us a call on Monday – Friday; 7:00am to 5:00pm or email at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.


Nichole Schembre,
Customer Service Representative