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Tips for Using PCGS Certification Verification


PCGS Certification Verification is one of the many helpful resources on Courtesy of PCGS. Click image to enlarge.

Did you know that PCGS Certification Verification is one of the most popular online resources at PCGS? The unique PCGS certification number provides you with the ability to verify the authenticity of any individual PCGS-graded coin on the PCGS Cert Verification portal. Once there, you simply input the sevenor eight-digit certification number in the window next to the “Verify” button that you will click once you have entered the PCGS number.

Let’s walk you through what information we can glean via PCGS Cert Verification using the 1900-O/CC Morgan Dollar as an example. When you enter the unique certification number 34464855, which appears above the barcode on the label, you will be returned with an information page relaying information about this specific coin.

The information that you can find on PCGS Cert Verification about this specific example of the 1900-O/CC Morgan Dollar is as follows:

  • PCGS Spec Number: 7268
  • Date, Mintmark: 1900-O/CC
  • Denomination: $1
  • Region: The United States of America
  • Grade: MS66+
  • Pedigree: DT Miller
  • Mintage: 12,590,000
  • Holder Type: PCGS Gold Shield
  • Population: 25
  • Pop Higher: 3
  • PCGS Price Guide Value: $11,500

The major information shared by both the label in the PCGS holder and the PCGS Certification Verification are the country of origin, date/mintmark, and denomination. But they also share PCGS Spec number, the grade, and the PCGS certification number. This specimen is also pedigreed, denoting it once was part of the DT Miller Collection.

Additionally, the PCGS Cert Verification provides the PCGS population information for this issue, indicating that PCGS has currently graded 25 examples of the 1900- O/CC Morgan Dollar as MS66+, with the further data declaring that PCGS has also graded just three specimens in a higher grade.

In addition to the amazing information that can be found by using the PCGS Certification Number you can even find out how much that specific example may have fetched in past auctions. Check out the “Latest Major Auction Appearances of This Coin” option, when applicable, below the information table and PCGS image block. For example, we'll find in the PCGS Cert Verification portal that this specific example coin sold as lot #4676 on January 14, 2024, for $9,600 in the Heritage FUN Auction. There is a direct link to the particular Heritage Auctions event, too.

But perhaps above all, PCGS Certification Verification is crucial to ensuring that your coin is authentic. Remember, not only can you use this invaluable tool for looking up information on your own PCGS-graded coins, but you can also check out PCGS-graded coins you are looking to buy!

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