Bulk Submissions

What is the Bulk Submission Program?

Bulk Submissions are ideal for PCGS Authorized Dealers and Collectors Club members to submit a large volume of coins for a discounted fee. Completing a Bulk Submission is a simple process. To see if your submission qualifies, review the requirements outlined in the Bulk Agreement.

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How to Apply?

You must be an active PCGS Collectors Club member or PCGS Authorized Dealer to submit coins through the Bulk Submission program. To get started with a Bulk Submission, PCGS Collectors Club members must fill out and return the PCGS Bulk Submission Agreement form or contact a PCGS Authorized Dealer.

Once you have read and signed the PCGS Bulk Submission Agreement, please return it to PCGS Customer Service via e-mail ([email protected]), fax (949-567-1253), or mail to:

PCGS Customer Service
PO Box 9458
Newport Beach, CA 92658

PCGS Authorized Dealers are automatically eligible for Bulk Submissions and do not need to fill out the separate Bulk Submission Agreement.

What is the Eligibility for the Bulk Program?

How Does Grading Work for Bulk Submissions?

How Does Pricing Work with Minimum Grades?

Genuine Services (Genuine with Details and Genuine no Details) are not available on Bulk Submissions. Below is the current pricing for orders with a minimum grade listed:

What Vintage Coins are Eligible for Bulk?

Are There Any Rules for Foreign Coins with Bulk?


What Happens If My Submission Does Not Meet the Minimum Quantity Requirement?

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