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PCGS Now Recognizing Canada 1967 Doubled Die Obverse Cent


1967 Canadian Cent, Doubled Die Obverse. Click image to enlarge.

Collecting variety coins has been a long popular past time for those who pursue Canadian coinage. Reference guides such as Charlton have grown to include even minimal varieties for Canadian coinage. However, there are several significant varieties for Canadian coinage that don’t get referenced regularly and prove to be sometimes more significant than other listed pieces.

The Canada 1967 One-Cent coin is a circulating commemorative issue made for the centennial of Canada’s confederation in 1967, during which all circulation issue coinage featured a commemorative animal design and 1867-1967 dual dating. It would be discovered in the 1970s that some of these coins feature a moderate doubled die variety on the obverse, noticed most prominently in the lettering “D • G • REGINA.” This doubled die exhibits pivoted hub doubling, which most people require magnification to see. But for Canadian coinage, where true doubled dies are seemingly scarce, it is significant.

Click images to enlarge.

Ken Potter writes that the discovery of this variety is credited to Robert Wilharm, who found it in 1977. Potter went on to publish it in his files and note that he got an example from an auction win from John Wexler’s auction. An example of this doubled die variety recently was submitted to PCGS and was noted as the first submitted and requesting this variety attribution. The variety was quickly added to the PCGS recognized variety list and given its own spec number.

It is exciting that, after decades of neglect, this variety has seemed to be rediscovered and is starting to be appreciated. It is also exciting to know that new (and new-to-us) varieties still exist, waiting to be discovered and rediscovered on coins from around the world.

  • Ken Potter, Error-Variety News Education Center, a Facebook group post May, 9 2020.


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