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PCGS Now Recognizes Modern Mexican Pattern Book


Las Pruebas De La Moneda Mexicana Del Siglo XX, written and published by Pablo Luna Herrera in 2016, is now the official reference for PCGS on modern Mexican patterns. PCGS will attribute all patterns listed in Herrera’s 408-page reference book. Before this publication, not much information was available on Mexican patterns, with more than 150 entries and hundreds of images, this book serves to fill a large gap in reference material. Below are some patterns that we have seen come through the PCGS grading room and the corresponding reference number to Herrera’s authoritative book.

1950-Mo P5 Peso PL-19

1950-Mo P5 Peso PL-19 PCGS SP64. Click image to enlarge.

1979-M P Peso PL-146A with mint mark

1979-M P Peso PL-146A with mint mark PCGS SP65. Click image to enlarge.

1979 P Peso PL-146A without mint mark

1979 P Peso PL-146A without mint mark PCGS SP64. Click image to enlarge.

1959-Mo P Peso PL-27 Var Nickel

1959-Mo P Peso PL-27 Var Nickel PCGS SP66. Click image to enlarge.

On July 9, 2016, the release of Herrera's book was held in the National Numismatic Museum in Mexico. This is the same location that the "Apartado" mint ran from 1848 through 1992. Author Pablo Luna Herrera, Salvador Garcia Lima, a prolific former employee of the mint, and chief of the museums' operations for many years.

Pablo Luna Herrera at left and Guillermo Rafael Vargas Vidales at right

The release of the second edition was held on May 11, 2019, at the same location in Mexico as the first edition but in a different section of the museum. Author Pablo Luna Herrera (left), Guillermo Rafael Vargas Vidales (right), the current director of operations of the museum (successor of Lima).

The work published in this reference by Herrera is an excellent asset to attributing the most modern Mexican patterns today. Herrera goes into detail and describes each pattern along with the Krause number if it was ever listed in any Krause references. This book is an essential addition to the library of any serious collector of Mexican numismatics. PCGS is the leader in variety attribution on both United States and world coinage. We continue to recognize and add significant varieties, as well as those that have become market acceptable.

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