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Stephen Album Auction 36 PCGS Highlights


Stephen Album Rare Coin is an auction house that is known the world over for its diverse selections of world coins. In their upcoming Auction 36 with live bidding starting January 23, 2020 and spanning through January 25, 2020, Stephen Album will sell over 290 lots of PCGS-graded coins. Several of these coins will be highlights of the sale, including the examples featured here.

“1788” Rupee Error Date India-Alwar PCGS MS64. Pop 1. None finer. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1210 India – Alwar “1788” Rupee. This coin from the British India state of Alwar is a phenomenal example of the already scarce date error on which the engraver wrote “1788” in Arabic rather than the actual date “1878.” The Queen Victoria coinage from this state only was issued 1874-1892. This is the finest example graded by PCGS and seen by the experts at Stephen Album. Graded PCGS MS64.

VS1877 (1820) ½ Moh KM-24 India-Sikh Empire PCGFS MS63. Pop 1. None finer. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1294 India – Sikh Empire VS1877 (1820) ½ Mohur. This nice uncirculated example of a Sikh Empire gold ½ mohur from the Amritsar Mint is a rarity in any grade. Graded PCGS MS63.

1835(b) Mohur P-17 Restrike 1835 Rev India British PCGS PR62. Pop 3. One higher. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1323 India 1835(b) restrike Mohur. This India 1835(b) Bombay Mint gold mohur restrike is a desirable issue, restrike or not. Listed as KM-451.1 and S&W-1.15, the coin comes from the NGSA 30 Years sale. Graded PCGS PR62.

nd(1912) $1 Y-321 LM-45 China, Republic PCGS MS63. Pop 98. 153 higher. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1466 China (1912) $1. This coin is a brilliantly uncirculated example of the popular Li Yuan Hung dollar listed as Y-321 L&M-45. Graded PCGS MS63.

(1897) $1 Y-65.1 LM-444 Long Horn China-Chihli PCGS AU58. Pop 9. Seven higher. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1488 China – Chihli (1897) $1. This Year 23 (1897) Chihli Peiyang Arsenal dragon dollar is listed as Y-65.1 L&M-444 and is the Long Horn variety. Graded PCGSAU58.

(1898) $1 Y-65.2 LM-449 China-Chihli PCGS MS62+. Pop 4. 18 higher. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1491 China – Chihli (1898) $1. This Year 24 (1898) Chihli Peiyang Arsenal dragon dollar listed as Y-65 L&M-449 is a nice uncirculated, problem-free coin – a rarity for Chinese coins. Graded PCGS MS62+.

nd(1898) $1 Y183 LM-516 LG Scls China-Kirin PCGS MS62. Pop 2. Three higher. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1509 China – Kirin (1898) $1. This uncirculated example of a Kirin (1898) Dollar is listed as Y-183 L&M-516 and is the large-scale dragon type. PCGS currently has only two graded MS62 and just three higher-graded examples of this variety. Graded PCGS MS62.

NS856 (1736) ½ M Kingdom of Kathmandu PCGS MS64. Pop 1. None finer. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1658 – Nepal NS856 (1736) ½ Mohar. From Nepal the Kingdom of Katmandu is the nice Jaya Prakash Malla issue of a silver ½ mohur dated NS856 (1736). Listed as KM-255, the coin comes from the collection of Dr. Axel Wahlstedt. Graded PCGS MS64.

(1364-80)P 1Fr Pd Dup 360D Pioters France PCGS MS62. Pop 1. None finer. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1748 France (1364-1380) Franc a Pied. A decent gold issue from Charles V of France (1364-1380), this franc a pied is listed as Dup-360D and is from the Poitiers Mint. Graded PCGS MS62.

1897 S Peso Km-M3 Star Above Cuba PCGS 65+. Pop 1. Two higher. Click image to enlarge.

Lot 1942 – Cuba 1897 Peso. A souvenir peso issue dated 1897, this coin is of gem quality. Listed as X-M3 with the variety of star above the date line. Graded PCGS MS65+.

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