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PCGS Unfolds New Banknote Certification Service


Since 1986, we have been providing a wide range of coin certification and grading services to collectors in the United States and abroad. Now we are excited to unveil PCGS Banknote, our new third-party certification and grading service for United States and world banknotes. We officially announced PCGS Banknote in November 2019, and it’s now rolling into full operations as we move into 2020. PCGS Banknote accepts all denominations and types of United States paper money from Colonial-era and Continental Currency to modern-era notes. Also permitted are world notes from all nations and eras. Our suite of banknote services includes everything from grading, regrading, crossover evaluation, and reholdering.

We have been preparing to launch PCGS Banknote for more than a year, but many of our longtime patrons will know that we are veterans when it comes to grading paper money. In fact, our currency grading roots trace back some 15 years to 2005, when we began certifying banknotes under the PCGS Currency name. We continued our currency grading services as PCGS Currency until 2009, when we sold that banknote grading service to another firm. The PCGS Currency brand name was licensed for a 10-year term that ended this past January. Meanwhile, we again began grading both U.S. and world paper money in our international offices under the PCGS Gold Shield grading brand four years ago.

Bringing Banknote Grading Back to The States

While we have continued successfully grading U.S. and world paper currency in our international offices, our long-term goal was to bring our banknote certification services back to our world headquarters in Southern California. “We’ve been gearing up for our new banknote service for all of 2019,” said PCGS President Brett Charville. “We’ve expanded our team of paper money experts and enhanced our technology and operations to ensure our banknote clients receive the consistent, high-level of service and expertise PCGS has offered since we began operations nearly 35 years ago.” He added, “We’ve conducted extensive research into developing covert and overt state-of-the-art security features for our new banknote holder and insert. Our customers also will continue benefitting from the world’s only collectibles guarantee program offered by a publicly held company.”

What is PCGS Banknote Grading Like?

As universally accepted and respected, the PCGS Banknote grading standards range along a numerical spectrum running from 1 to 70, with 27 different possible grading designations offered from Good (G04) to MS70 PPQ (Premium Quality Paper). “All notes that are certified and holdered by PCGS Banknote have a lifetime guaranty of authenticity and grade,” remarked PCGS Director of Banknote Grading Bruce Thornton. “We will use ‘Details’ designations to accurately describe the condition of certain notes exhibiting damage or problems exceeding what is expected for a given grade.” The PCGS Banknote “Details” designation is used to describe notes that have heavy staining, repairs, or other forms of damage.

Our New Holders

Graded notes will be safely sealed in state-of-the-art, tamper-evident plastic cases with improved labels featuring both covert and overt anti-counterfeiting security features, protecting each piece in an inert environment for generations. Encapsulating your currency through PCGS Banknote offers the added benefit of giving both you and potential future buyers of your currency peace of mind – the guaranteed assurance that the notes are authentic and accurately graded. As has long been seen with the coins we grade, PCGS-encapsulated pieces tend to sell for notable premiums beyond raw counterparts of the same date, numismatic attribution, and grade.

More Benefits of Choosing PCGS Banknote

In addition to our authentication, certification, and grading services, those who choose PCGS Banknote will enjoy making use of our PCGS Cert Verification, Pop Reports, and educational materials. All of these resources can help you learn more about your paper currency and banknote collecting in general. Plus, our currency message boards will help put you in touch with fellow currency collectors right from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are on the go.

Our team of editors and PCGS Banknote graders will also be providing constantly updated content on the latest buzz in the currency community. This will help you stay on top of the news, paper currency auction results, amazing notes that come into the grading room, and maybe – just maybe – a personal opinion or two on this or that banknote topic from our seasoned professionals!

We’re also excited to expand our popular PCGS Set Registry to include banknote sets. This is one of the most exciting developments in the banknote community, because now paper money collectors will be able to build competitive PCGS Banknote sets and earn awards and other incentives for their hard work in building the best currency sets. We are planning to unveil a wide variety of sets and categories that will suit the collecting tastes of virtually all banknote collectors.

How to Submit Banknotes for Grading

PCGS Banknote grading is available to PCGS Collectors Club members and PCGS Authorized Dealers. Those who are already members of the PCGS Collectors Club or PCGS Authorized Dealers for submitting coins will automatically receive benefits extending to the PCGS Banknote services. Those who aren’t yet PCGS Collectors Club members can join at the basic level with submission privileges for just $69, with membership packages offering multiple free submissions starting at only $149.

Those who wish to submit their paper money to PCGS Banknote for grading may do so in two ways. We offer convenient, take-home submissions at shows, beginning with the 2020 FUN Show in Orlando, Florida. We also offer our grading services via mail delivery. While we don’t accept FedEx Ground or UPS shipments, we do suggest other simple shipping methods.

To submit your paper notes to us by USPS mail delivery, please pack your currency in PVC-free sleeves or holders, along with payment and submission forms or vouchers (accessible online at to PCGS, PO Box 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658. Those who wish to use an alternative service to the USPS can send those packages to PCGS, 7000 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92618, marked “HOLD FOR PICKUP.” As with our coin grading services, PCGS Banknote offers customers a range of service options, including expedited grading. So, it’s possible to have your graded notes back in hand in as little as only a few days when choosing the fastest shipping and processing methods.

More to Come from PCGS Banknote

Yes, PCGS Banknote is here and we’re already reviewing and grading currency back in the states. But all of the service benefits and options we’re talking about here are just the beginning. Be sure to stay tuned to PCGS for more information about expanded benefits, offers, and other news. The new PCGS Banknote service is just one of the many new things we’re offering as our company continues expanding.

With nearly 35 years in the business as the premier third-party grading service, we’ve graded more than 75 million coins, banknotes, and other collectibles. Our company continues growing thanks not only to your support but also your suggestions on how we can further offer you the collectibles services you’re looking for. We’re still evolving and making continued investments in our most important asset – our customers. So, we’re proud that PCGS Banknote marks the next chapter of our company’s exciting growth.

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