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What is TrueView?
High Resolution Images Sent Directly to your Inbox

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Take advantage of our TrueView special and have your coins imaged for free for a limited time.

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Why Add TrueView?
Professional Quality Images Enhance Your Collection
Use TrueView to sell your coins on sites like eBay and Collectors Corner
Showcase your coins with amazing clarity on the PCGS Set Registry
Turn your coins into works of art.
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Given the high-resolution quality of TrueView images, you can upload your digital files to any of the many online printing companies, like Snapfish, Costco, Shutterfly or Mpix to create wall art, cell phone cases, business cards, photo books, personal photo albums, or photos for documentation purposes. The options are quite limitless – how will you turn your coins into works of art?

How to Add TrueView?
Adding TrueView to Your Order is Easy
Add TrueView to any line
of your order.

There's no minimum!
No restrictions apply.

If PCGS certifies or grades the coin, you can have it photographed using TrueView.
TrueView is available for all service levels, including Crossover.
Whether you submit your order to our offices or during a show, you can add TrueView.
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TrueView Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more details and information on TrueView? Check out some commonly asked questions.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of TrueView is a $10 flat rate per coin. To order, simply check the TrueView box on the PCGS Standard or Restoration submission form on the line of the coin you would like photographed.

    Remember, TrueView Photography is included at no additional cost on all PCGS Gold Shield™ Submissions submitted to the PCGS U.S. office.

  • How and when do I receive my TrueView order?

    Your order is sent via email. You will receive one email for each coin you submit for TrueView photography and that email will contain a link to the coin's images on the PCGS website.

    The image page displays your coin in various sizes, backgrounds and formats:

    Sizes: 550x278 (Medium), 1100x556 (large), 2200x1112 (Extra Large),
    5757x2905(Maximum 1) & 5748x2875 (Maximum 2)
    Backgrounds: TrueView watermark and transparent
    Formats: .JPG and .PNG
    Here's an example: https://images.pcgs.com/trueview/29402446

    If your submission order features grading (Standard, Secure, Crossover, etc.), then the email will be sent out once the coin has shipped.

    If the order is a simple reholder, then you will get the email soon after the coin is photographed.

  • At what point in the process are the photographs taken?
    Photography can take place at any point in the grading process but always before the coin is encapsulated to ensure absolute clarity in the photography process.
  • What are the Terms of Use and who ‘owns' the image of the coin?
    Note that PCGS retains the image rights to the coin and may use the imagery as we see fit. That said, you are free to use the TrueView images however you like. This may include online sales or Set Registry listings, personal photo albums, or the creation of wall art or other décor that feature your coins.

Contact the TrueView Photography Department

Do you have questions about the process or specific requests for the photography of your coins? Contact us to discuss your order.

Email: [email protected]

For example, interested in a black and white cameo contrast shot for a proof versus illuminating the colors of the fields in a proof? We can do that for you.

Email us today to submit your request. Please include your submission and customer number in your email.