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The 2005 Doubled Die Minnesota Quarter


Washington 50 States Quarters, 2005-P 25C Minnesota FS-801 Extra Tree DDR-001, PCGS MS67. Click image to enlarge.

The 50 State Quarters program, which ran from 1999 through 2008, yielded several significant varieties. Among these is the 2005-P Minnesota Quarter with doubled die reverse. This scarce major Philadelphia variety, officially designated by PCGS as the FS-801 Doubled Tree DDR-001 (regular strike) is the most pronounced and desirable of more than four dozen different doubled die varieties involving the appearance of an extra spruce tree on the reverse of the 2005-P Minnesota Quarter.

Minnesota doubled die quarters were discovered weeks after the coin was released on April 4, 2005 as the 32nd overall issue in the 50 State Quarters series. It was one of those modern error-variety discoveries that many general news media outlets picked up and spun headlines for, only further sending the public into a frenzy over finding the rarity. Some examples sold for $500 apiece, some even more. As the buzz surrounding the 2005 Minnesota Doubled Die Quarter waned and a greater sense over the coin’s availability became clear, prices began falling.

The doubled tree on the FS-801 Doubled Tree DDR-001 appears in this closeup as three ghostlike spruce bows to the right of the fourth spruce tree right of the Minnesota state outline, virtually in the center of the coin. Image is courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

As there are so many variations of the 2005 Minnesota Quarter reverse doubled die, the attribution guidelines here will pertain only to the major variety, listed as FS-801 Doubled Tree DDR-001. The doubling on this variety is most evident in the precise center of the coin’s reverse, just to the right of the Minnesota state geographical outline element; counting four spruce trees to the right of the state outline inset, one should spy the appearance of a partial ghostlike spruce tree immediately to the right of the fourth primary spruce. This partial tree should be indicated by the appearance of three pronounced spruce boughs.

Exactly how many of these doubled dies exist is unknown. Even with more than 50 different types of Minnesota Doubled Die Quarters accounted for, more varieties are still being discovered. Certainly a few thousand specimens are known for the major doubled die profiled here. Add in the other doubled die varieties for this issue and the number increases. However, any of the doubled dies is scarce, particularly against the overall number of survivors for the 2005-P Minnesota Quarter, the mintage of which stands at 239,600,000.

Demand for the coin is robust, particularly among 50 State Quarters specialists. The doubled die also has a strong following by error-variety collectors, many of whom consider the coin a must-have acquisition due to the celebrity status it attained in the days after its much-publicized discovery. PCGS has graded more than 200 specimens across the grading spectrum, with the finest to date being those graded PCGS MS67. According to PCGS CoinFacts, PCGS MS65 trade for around $40 while those in PCGS MS67 fetch around $275.

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