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Coins of Germany Ruled by the CoinKing Collection


From the PCGS Set Registry's beginning days in February, 2001, we have had coin dealers participating by listing sets from their own private collections. Jim McGuigan's Half Cent collection, Legend's Three Cent Silver collection, Tom McCarroll's Buffalo nickels, James Sego's Ike dollars, David Hall's $20 Liberty set, and Dwight Manley's Massachusetts Silver Shillings are just a few that come to mind. In the world coin category, there's one stand out, the CoinKing collection of German coins.

Germany 1909-J 25 Pfennig PCGS Secure PR66 Cameo, Pop 1/0

CoinKing is the collection of PCGS's very own, Ron Guth. Ron has been involved in numismatics for forty years as a collector, dealer, researcher, auctioneer, and writer. He is the President of PCGS CoinFactsTM. The CoinFacts website features a complete listing of all U.S. coins, including regular issue coins, colonials, patterns, commemoratives, territorial gold, errors, proof and mint sets, Confederate, and bullion coins. Individual pages contain technical information, high-quality images, auction prices realized, variety information, and anecdotal notes. Ron has championed CoinFacts since he first launched it on the Internet in 1999. Today, the website is the number one educational source for all levels of coin collectors.

Germany 1955-G 5 Mark 300th Anniversary Birth of Ludwig von Baden PCGS Secure PR66 Deep Cameo, Pop 1/0

As PCGS expands globally, we thought it only appropriate to highlight Ron's very special collection. We will be displaying his complete 21-piece set of Germany 25 Pfennig Proofs from 1909-1912 and his 43-coin proof set of Modern German 5 Mark Commemoratives from 1952-1986 at the Long Beach Expo, June 6-8 and at the Summer American Numismatic Convention in Chicago, August 13-17. Both sets are complete and the finest ever assembled and will be displayed with a dozen of Ron's favorite specimens of various dates and denominations.

Germany 1928-A 5 Reichsmark Oak Tree PCGS PR68DCAM, Pop 1/0

The Germany 25 Pfennig Proofs from 1909-1912 are all Cameo or Deep Cameo. All have a population of one except for the 1911-G (Pop 2/0). The mintages are unknown, but are apparently very small. PCGS has graded only 35 Proof examples of this entire type, of which 21 are included in the CoinKing collection.

The West Germany 5 Mark Commemorative proof set spans 34 years and includes a number of extremely interesting designs. The coins commemorate renowned people, famous buildings, and current events of the time. Of the 43 coins in the CoinKing set, 16 are the single finest graded for the date. The 1955-G Ludwig von Baden, 1969-F Gerhard Mercator, 1973-G Frankfurt Parliament, 1976-D Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen, 1979-G Otto Hahn, 1983-G Martin Luther, and the 1984-J Felix Bartholdy are just a few of the more interesting designs.

Germany 1930-A 5 Reichsmark Zeppelin PCGS PR67 Cameo, lightly toned, Pop 3/0

Some of Ron's favorite coins from his collection include the 1928-A 5 Reichsmark Oak Tree (Ron's specimen is the finest for the date and one of only two PR68 examples of this popular type), the fabulous and very popular 1930-A 5 Reichsmark Zeppelin struck to celebrate the 1929 round-the-world flight of the Graf Zeppelin airship, and the1936-A 5 Reichsmark Hindenburg/No Swastika which features Paul von Hindenburg, Germany's heroic field marshal of World War I.

Germany 1936-A 5 Reichsmark Hindenburg/No Swastika PCGS PR67 Deep Cameo, Pop 1/0

Ron Guth's CoinKing collection is a perfect example of a coin dealer who is also an avid collector. From the sheer breadth and quality of the CoinKing collection, this only goes to show that many numismatists simply love what they do. We look forward to our display of this outstanding collection in the coming months.

BJ Searls is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a Master’s in Business Administration. She has been involved in numismatics since 1973 and has worked for Collectors Universe since 1997. BJ is the Set Registry and Special Projects Director for PCGS, PSA and PSA/DNA. Email: [email protected].

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