Classic Head Cent

Obverse of Classic Head Large Cent
Reverse of Classic Head Large Cent

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Ron Guth: John Reich's Classic Head design entered the large cent world in 1808 and was issued every year from 1808-1814 inclusive. All dates in this series are of relatively equal rarity, with none being particularly valuable. However, they are all very scarce in Uncirclated condition. The quality of the planchets appears to be sub-standard as well, and glossy surfaces are the exception rather than the rule. Interesting varieties include the 1810 10/09, 1811 1 over 0, Small and Large dates of 1812 and Plain and Crosslet 4's of 1814.

No large cents were struck in 1815 due to a fire at the Mint, this being the only year in which One cent pieces (of any size) were not made.

In 1816, the Classic Head design was replaced with a new Liberty head design known as the "Coronet head" (or "Matron head").