2008-D $1 James Monroe - Pos B Satin Finish (Special Strike)

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Joseph Menna/Don Everhart
26.50 millimeters
8.10 grams
88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
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For Sale Now at Collectors Corner - NGC Graded
Jaime Hernandez:

James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States. Therefore, the James Monroe Dollar was also the fifth design issued in the Presidential Dollar Coin Program.

Obverse: A portrait of James Monroe is featured on the coin along with the inscriptions, James Monroe, which are located right above his own portrait. Arched below Monroe, are the inscriptions, 5th President 1817-1825, or the years in which he served as President of the United States.
Reverse: The reverse of the coin features the Statue of Liberty along with a $1 symbol under Liberty’s right arm, with the $1 symbol, indicating the legal tender value of the coin. The words, United States of America, are also encircled around the coin.
Edge: The edge inscriptions will read 2008-D which refer to the date in which the coins were officially released into circulation, along with the D mint mark, representing the Mint in which the coins were produced. Circulation strike coins go through a Schuler edge lettering machine which applies inscriptions on the coins edge.
Position B: The coin's edge lettering reads normally when the President's portrait faces up.
Satin Finish: Satin Finish is a term used to describe coins that are not circulation strike or proof coins. Instead, they are coins that are struck with specially prepared dies and burnished planchets, which give the coins a Satin Finish appearance. Satin Finish coins are not released into circulation and they are only sold by the U.S Mint in Mint Sets or individually at a premium over there face value.
Public Law: The James Madison Dollars were struck under the Presidential Dollar Coin Program Act, which was authorized under Public Law 109-145.