1875-S 20C, BM (Special Strike)

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Image courtesy of <a href="http://www.ha.com" target="_blank">Heritage Numismatic Auctions</a>

Image courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions

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William Barber
22.00 millimeters
5.00 grams
San Francisco
90% Silver, 10% Copper
Major Varieties

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Current Auctions - NGC Graded
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For Sale Now at Collectors Corner - NGC Graded

Condition Census What Is This?

Pos Grade Image Pedigree and History
1 SP62BM PCGS grade
2 SP62BM estimated grade
2 SP62BM estimated grade
#1 SP62BM PCGS grade
#2 SP62BM estimated grade
#2 SP62BM estimated grade
Jaime Hernandez:

The 1875-S Special Strike 20 Cent Piece is definitely a great rarity in numismatics. There is very little information about this coin but one thing is for certain, it is unquestionably a special coin. The coins may have been struck to celebrate the first 20 Cent Pieces struck at the San Francisco Mint, as Branch Mint's at times struck examples to celebrate special occasions. Such as a first year, last year of issue coins or first year denominations, etc. The characteristics of the 1875-S 20 Cent Piece coins display a bold strike and have overall great detail. The rims also tend to be very sharply struck. Some experts believe a dozen or so exist, however, far fewer examples have actually been confirmed.