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PCGS Toned Coin Highlights


Welcome to the first installment of PCGS Toned Coin Highlights. Here, we will feature amazingly colored, PCGS-graded toned coins. I personally like to rate toned coins on a 1-10 scale. The nicer the toning, the higher the score. So, at the end of every PCGS Toned Coin Highlights, I will also assign my personal Toned Rating from 1-10. I should be sure to clarify here that this is not an official PCGS toning scale, but rather my own concept and one I love using when judging the radiance and overall beauty of toned coins. This article reflects my personal opinions on toning, and to begin, we will discuss two of the top-rated toned coins I’ve come across recently.

IMPORTANT! If you have problems with your eyesight, please proceed with caution. Wear sunglasses if you need to. If you have very sensitive vision, then wearing welding glasses is highly recommended as the following coins can transmit some extremely bright and illuminating colors.

The first example I’d like to highlight is an incredibly attractive 1880-S Morgan Dollar graded PCGS MS66+. The obverse side of the coin displays an orchestra of rainbow colors, while the reverse side of the coin has minimal toning.

On the obverse side, toward the left fields, it attractively features some illuminating neon turquoise colors. Shifting slightly toward the center of the design, on the eye, nose, lips and chin, electric magenta glows with radiating luster. Toward the other facial features by the forehead and the beginning of the hair, a lime green begins to form, then slowly camouflages toward the rim of the coin, into a darker forest green. Inside the crevices of the hair and in between the cotton blossoms, you begin seeing a strong lambent neon pink. Moving to the lower part of the coin and towards the date, is a combination of golden yellow and mellow pink colors. On the reverse side of the coin, it features golden yellow highlights just beginning to flirt with the edge of the coin.

Although the reverse of the coin is only slightly toned, the incredible toning of the obverse offsets the overall eye appeal of the entire coin. On a scale of 1-10, I personally give this coin a 9.6 on the Toning Scale.

1880-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66+. Image courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

The next coin I’d like to highlight is an extremely attractive 1937-D Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar, graded PCGS MS68. At a first glance and looking at the coin in its entirety, it appears flawless! From the images, there are no traces of hits, nicks, or scratches visible. Both the obverse and reverse are attractively toned and, overall, the coin displays some extremely exotic colors.

Beginning with the obverse, it exhibits a parade of colors and on the top left field, up to the Indian’s chest and stomach, is a mix of mellow orange and crimson. Toward the right of the fields is a soft green, with hints of electric violet and pink colors displayed. Moving on toward the bottom of the coin is a large golden-yellow toned area, surrounded by hues of neon green and olive colors.

1937-D Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS68. Image courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

Moving over to the reverse of the coin, overall it has an attractive original-looking patina. The top of the design toward “In God We Trust” is highlighted with yellow and light green neon colors. Moving on to the central part of the design and all the way to the bottom of the date of the coin, this piece features an attractive array of colors displayed in violet, fuchsia, pink, and lime green.

This is just an elegantly toned 1937 Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar that has it all. It’s a combination of a beautiful design, wildly rainbow-toned colors on both the obverse and the reverse, and it’s in very high grade while belonging to a very popular coin series. I personally give this coin a 9.7 on the Toning Scale.

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