Obverse of 1860 Transitional Half Dime
Reverse of 1860 Transitional Half Dime

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Ron Guth: This section covers the pattern coins issued by the United States between 1860 and 1865 inclusive. This was a period of transition as several coins moved from the No Motto version to the addition of IN GOD WE TRUST, and Small Cents moved from a Copper-Nickel alloy to Bronze. It also marks the appearance of the Two-Cent piece and related patterns in 1864. Numerous off-metal editions were made using the regular dies of most of the dates listed here. Click on any of the links at the right to learn more about these interesting pattern coins.

Highlights include:

1860 J-267, the so-called "Transitional" Half Dime, which omitted UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from both sides. 1860 J-271, a unique gold Half Eagle pattern 1860 J-272a, a Paquet reverse Double Eagle pattern, known only by a single example in the Smithsonian 1863 J-319 and 320, an unusual Three Cent pattern in the size of a Large Cent Interesting Postage Currency pattern coins 1863 With Motto pattern coins, struck after the date on the coin 1865 $5, $10, and $20 gold pattern coins