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Coins in Your Registry Sets


For the past 10 months, we have been adding 2018 coinage as requested to the various modern set composites in the PCGS Set Registry®. Using the "Report a Cert That Should Match This Composite" form which is found linked from within each set, collectors can request new issues be added to their sets. Every year about this time, we begin updating all sets with the new 2018 coins. These coins are added as optional until the first of the year when they become required. Depending on the number of new issues and labels PCGS is recognizing, this process can take several months. For example, PCGS has created 261 new coin numbers for silver eagles alone!

This year, the San Francisco Mint released 50th Anniversary sets to commemorate the 50th year that the Mint was producing proof coinage. These proof sets contain reverse proof issues. Because these coins have a different finished, they are required in the Registry sets in addition to the regular proof coins. Sets that will be updated with the reverse proof coins are the basic and variety sets for Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, Kennedy Half Dollars, and the Native American Dollars.

2018-S 1C Reverse Proof 50th Anniversary PCGS Gold Shield PR69RD

2018-S 25C Silver Reverse Proof Apostle Islands NP 50th Anniversary Set PCGS Gold Shield PR69

There are two new commemorative issues in 2018, the WWI Centennial silver dollar and the Breast Cancer Awareness series in 50C, $1 silver, and $5 gold denominations. These issues will be added to the various commemorative set composites.

2018-P $1 Silver WWI Centennial PCGS Gold Shield MS70

2018-W $5 Gold Breast Cancer Awareness PCGS Gold Shield PR70DC

It is also during this time that we begin adding some of the new year sets. The 2018 Mint sets and 2018 Proof sets are now online. Coming soon are the standalone Palladium eagle sets and a five-coin set for the new proof silver WWI Centennial medals. These medals are minted in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point.

2018-P Silver Medal WWI Centennial Navy PCGS Gold Shield PR69DC

2018-S Silver Medal WWI Centennial Marines PCGS Gold Shield PR70DC

As new coins additions are made in the next few months, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Set Registry customer service team at [email protected]. Have fun with your sets!

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BJ Searls is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a Master’s in Business Administration. She has been involved in numismatics since 1973 and has worked for Collectors Universe since 1997. BJ is the Set Registry and Special Projects Director for PCGS, PSA and PSA/DNA. Email: [email protected].

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